How it Works

• Stop by our store on Wythe Ave. & North 3rd St. anytime! No appointments necessary, except for large parties (4 or more).

• Choose a piece of pottery to paint
We have a selection of over 100 pieces: plates, mugs, dog bowls, piggybanks, you name it! We have items available from $5 & up, but your average mug will run around $18-$25.

• Choose your colors and design
Our friendly staff can explain the basics of glaze application, and we  have plenty of materials to make designing your piece a snap!  You don't need an MFA to create beautiful & useful ceramics.

• Stay as long as you like!
We are a flat fee studio, so you don't have to worry about how many colors  you use or how long you pore over the finishing touches on your piece. Our paint fee is $9 per person.

When you finish painting we glaze & fire your piece in one of our kilns.  The finished product is glossy,  food-safe, and ready for pick-up in one week

Due to high volume, we can hold pieces only up to six weeks. Please come pick up your work!



Check out these excellent videos we made for about.com and Brooklyn Independent TV!